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Preparing Your Home

Maximizing your home’s desirability given ANY market condition!

kitchen_photoUltimately price, condition & location determine the value of your home. Which of these components can be manipulated to maximize YOUR profit?

Condition, Condition, Condition!
Preparing a home for market is enormously beneficial and profitable; no matter the economic conditions – depressed, neutral, or hot. Utilizing a proven strategy and prioritization schedule will assist in allocating your rehab dollar and will maximize your home’s sale price.

* Let me state the obvious, consult with a real estate expert, specializing in your area who will provide you with not only current market statistics but the complete scoop on trends in your neighborhood.

* Develop a budget, timeline and strategy, operating lean and smart when it comes to renovations, repairs and décor.

* It is crucial to have a building expert professionally inspect your home, eliminating potential, costly surprises.

* Time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Stand back and take a critical look at your home’s condition; view your home through the eyes of a prospective buyer.


Showcase the ‘bones’ of your home

* Not only do you operate smart in the strategic planning phase – work smart! Smart decisions regarding modifying the aesthetics of your home will provide you with the greatest bang for your buck.

* Take the necessary time to finely tune the details: fresh paint, baseboard & ceiling molding, flooring, light fixtures, kitchen & bath fixtures, doors and windows, door and closet hardware, lighting and appliances…

bathroom-sink-faucets* High on your to-do list should include a fresh, sparkling-clean and up-to-date kitchen and baths. Avoid, like the plague, any décor that can be dated!

* Almost anything, including the front door, looks fresh with a new coat of paint. If you’re not that handy, this can be one of the less expensive jobs for a professional. Neutral, subdued color and complimentary hues that flow throughout your home – on the walls, floors and finishes make a home appear expansive. Capitalize on style and flair, avoiding an over-dramatic look.

* Analyze items to be added as well as taken away. Remove trinkets that overwhelm visitors with your personality. We know your collections are charming yet they may interfere with buyers trying to imagine themselves living in the house. Remove all but a few of your family photos. One or two well-placed snapshots give the impression that your home was occupied by a happy family thus this can be theirs.

* Consider removing furniture if your house is over-stuffed. To keep costs low, resist the urge to put everything in self-storage. Give away or sell anything you know you won’t use in your new home. Don’t pile it all into the basement or into a closet. Buyers will look in your closets, your kitchen cabinets, your garage, your basement, and probably even your underwear drawer; not much is off limits.


Rid the house of those pesky squeaks & leaks

* Fix the “quirks” that make your house your home. Fix the leaky faucets and running toilets, the broken stair rail, the loose doorknobs, and all the other little things that buyers will not want to do themselves.

Bring on the Windex

* Clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Pretend the housecleaning police, dressed in formal white gloves, will stop by to inspect for cobwebs in the corners, dust bunnies on hardwood floors, and streaks on the windows. Potential buyers will consider your house well maintained if it looks sparkling. Even old kitchens and bathrooms can look newer if they are scrubbed to a shine.

* Go through your home with a bloodhound’s nose. Now is the time to eliminate the musty odor in the bathroom and eradicate any odor suggesting that Fido’s hangout is in the closet.


Hello People, Come on in

* Create space that is memorable and makes one want to remain in your home. Seems so basic but heat your house. Quite the turn-off to walk into a frigid home. Buyers will flee in no-time if they are uncomfortable.

* Create the warm look. When in ‘decorator doubt,’ consult a Staging Specialist. The facts are ample; hiring a professional stager pays huge dividends! A Staging specialist will work with you to determine what additional furnishings add warmth and livability. At a nominal cost your home will look and feel polished, warm and welcoming thus buyers will simply not want to leave, will want to duplicate your efforts and will not quickly forget what they saw!


It’s Field Trip Time

* Jump in the car and visit the competition. Stop in at open houses where you will notice the impact of that first impression! This means your front yard and front door should be inviting. Even if you have not a green thumb, planting a few colorful annuals can cheer up an entrance. (Just pull them out if you cannot’t keep them looking healthy.) Recognize which homes shine. Which homes were memorable?

Enough already, are we there yet?

* We are! When all is said and done…revisit market conditions, price your home accordingly and employ your marketing strategy.

* As your home clearly stands front and center, outshining your competition, it is time to sit back, relax and watch buyers gawk. That attractive, top-dollar contract is destined to surface!

Checkout these before and after photos…

Before and After

Before and After