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Marketing Strategy

Our goal is to spend the necessary time and focus preparing your home for the marketplace, garnering the greatest sales price in the shortest period of time. The following procedural steps are conducted:

  • Place your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  The information provided MLS is accessible to thousands of real estate professionals
  • Produce a custom property flyer, containing graphics and specific verbiage highlighting the features of your home.  Flyers are distributed to potential buyers as well as other real estate brokerage firms
  • Cooperate with and invite other brokers and agents in the community to tour your home in order to secure a buyer
  • With 80% of real estate buyers using the internet to begin their home search, you are provided maximum internet promotional coverage.  Current technology trends are adopted, offering exposure through these internet resources:  Claudia Montalban’s Personal Website, Alain Pinel Corporate Website/Affiliates and a Single Property Domain Websites
  • Broker Open House – Invite all local brokers and agents to tour your home
  • Public Open House – Following the Broker Open House is the Public Open House, where your home is presented to the public-at-large
  • All materials regarding the promotion of your home; flyers, brochures, photography and videography is readily accessible.
  • Print & Media Advertising, Direct Email & Snail-Mail Marketing is employed, utilizing the most effective, proven marketing methods
  • Calls and email inquiries regarding your home are followed up on as soon as possible
  • Professional Alain Pinel signage is strategically placed on your property
  • Access to your home is achieved through secure lockboxes which monitor entry/access information on a technologically advanced memory chip
  • You are represented professionally and fairly during negotiations with other brokers, mortgage institutions and potential buyers
  • You are provided valuable Concierge Service benefits.  Resources are shared, providing you with a toolbox of professionals, skilled builders and home improvement experts
  • The team will help you navigate smoothly through the escrow process until closing.
  • Continued Concierge Service is provided long after your property closes escrow, enabling you to maximize your real estate investment and potentially enhancing your real estate portfolio
  • Your net proceeds check will be delivered and a successful close-of-escrow celebration will ensue


Most importantly, our team will communicate with you, providing vital, real-time real estate facts and trends that affect your investment throughout your tenure as a real property owner.